A Contemplative  Life    by Charles F. Harrington 2020

A Contemplative Life by Charles F. Harrington 2020

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A compilation of essays, poems and letters written over the last few decades and woven together in a narrative that tells the story of a baby boomer's lifetime. This book was written as a labor of love, detailing a wonderful journey through our often tumultuous times. The book begins with some family historical backround and continues along the march of time from the 'wild eyed wonder' of youth, 'coming of age', in the 70's and 80's, living the 'American dream', family life, 'loss and sorrows', 'love and romance', all the way to the present day perspective of a life lived well and full. The book reflects one man's values and details how they came to be, and where they have led him. In it, I hope others can find moments, emotions and memories with which to identify along with perhaps an understanding that there has always been much more to our lives than meets the eye