A Little Rain    paperback   new   by Bill Vanpatten       2022

A Little Rain paperback new by Bill Vanpatten 2022

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Sixteen-year-old Alexander Chance’s love of another boy has turned into an obsession—and the consequences have pushed his family to the brink. Sitting in a courtroom, he reflects on the past four months and what led him to the present situation. His father watches a quiet and dissociated son during the proceedings, forcing him to confront his own secretive past and the repressed sexuality that destroyed a happy home. Alexander’s mother keeps a diary and confesses how her sublimated rage at her ex-husband drove a wedge between her and Alexander, and to a pill-popping, wine-drinking existence. In the end, the judge listens to expert testimony and must determine Alexander’s fate. But Alexander is hiding a secret—a secret that would have profound consequences on the judge’s decision.