A Twisted Shade of Green  Betrayal paperback trilogy autographed by  Eloise Epps MacKinnon  2022

A Twisted Shade of Green Betrayal paperback trilogy autographed by Eloise Epps MacKinnon 2022

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Love Is The Heart’s Gift From God! The author of the trilogy: A Twisted Shade of Green returns with an attention-grabbing, soul-questing finale, Betrayal. Glen Monroe’s world once was filled with ecstasy as he ensnared a woman’s entire being with just one look. Glen’s eyes dazzle with a hint of lust and revenge doused with lies and secrets that intrigue all women. That was before Glen met true love, Kali Mathias! And now, that essence of being kissed by Judas outpour from the pores of the very ones Glen least expected to do him wrong. His sister, ex-lover, and best friend! Could it possibly be the end of Glen’s true love? How would such love survive within Glen’s turned upside-down trial of trickery and backstabbing? The existence where he no longer knows if he belongs nor who that person glaring him back in the face really was anymore as Glen quietly sighs, whispering. “Who am I to be anyone’s father? I’m a man undressed of honor and pride by his own flesh and blood!” Glen wonders. Where does Kali Mathias fit in? Because a life facing one scheming thing after another is all Glen could promise Kali. Particularly now that his life has become a three-ring circus with Iona Monroe’s lies and Baby Mama Drama. It’s no longer Kali and him, but an ex-lover and a child, Glenalina Monroe. Glen smiles, asking himself. “Is this the cost for being a man which every woman desires to be hers?” And when his life is the most vulnerable, God finally answered Glen’s prayers for true love. But this revelation of Kali being Mrs. Glen Monroe was no longer his. Like Moses in the Bible, God permitted him to see the altar of love with Kali Mathias as a potential wife. The only woman Glen knows was ordained by God to be his now has doubts planted by his ex-lover. Can Kali’s heart overcome the suspicion of Iona’s unjust claim of him being the father of her baby, Glenalina Monroe? Leaving everyone wanting to know. “Who is the father of Glenalina Monroe? Or perhaps wondering is the child even Iona’s baby?”