Bashert  softcover, new, by Larry G. Goldsmith          2021

Bashert softcover, new, by Larry G. Goldsmith 2021

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In the late sixties, the world experiences a counter revolution, rebelling against the devasting war in Vietnam and cultural norms. During these days of rage, the Soviets and U.S. seek to end the nuclear arms race. As a bargaining chip, the Nixon administration promises to support a free trade agreement while ignoring Soviet human and religious abuses.

In New York city, a young criminal attorney enters the fray after his shotgun wedding to the Rebbe's daughter. His father-in-law is a world renowned clandestine leader seeking religious freedom for millions of Soviet citizens. The White House prosecutes the Rebbe as their scapegoat so the U.S. Soviet trade agreement passes Congress.

The Nixon administration will use every legal tool orchestrated by an unscrupulous U.S. prosecuting attorney to imprison the Rebbe and destroy the credibility of his movement.

Millions of lives rest on the outcome of the trial. The world watches, waiting for a courtroom verdict, as two young lovers and an old Rebbe battle two world superpowers.