Celebrities Write to Mona       Raymond A. Wolf   2020

Celebrities Write to Mona Raymond A. Wolf 2020

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Celebrities Write to Mona is a collection of over 350 notes, cards, letters and photographs Mona received from celebrities while working for the Hopkins Health Center in North Providence, Rhode Island. She was the activities director for many of the forty plus years she was employed there. She would write to celebrities and then share their replies with the patients. Eight of the celebrities wrote to her on a continual basis over nine years, Paul Peterson to nineteen years, Joey bishop. They sent Easter cards, Christmas cards and Happy New Year cards. They wrote about their families, their travels and where they were performing. They also asked about some of the patients personally. Joey even called the center on Christmas day 2001 to wish the patients a Merry Christmas. The time was even scheduled so the patients could listen to the call. This book is a heartwarming look at many of the celebrities behind the scene and in their personal lives. It includes over 100 photographers they included with their correspondence.