Disruptors OF Harmony Paperback Self-Help  Tonya Maselli, LICSW  2021

Disruptors OF Harmony Paperback Self-Help Tonya Maselli, LICSW 2021

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Disruptors of Harmony is a self-help guide that provides easy steps toward a stress-free life. It engages the audience in understanding what may cause disruptions in harmony and helps you, the reader, realize that no one is exempt from life’s struggles. It confronts the stressful society we live in today and explains how to combat such disrupters, and create a proactive approach for a happier and more balanced way of life.

Tonya Maselli is a board-certified clinician with over 20 years’ experience. She received her master’s degree from Simmons University in Boston. Tonya has worked in psychiatric research and various hospital settings throughout her career. She has been a member of the National Disaster Team, featured on the local news, and had the privilege of a clinical conference with the Dalai Lama. Tonya has an established psychotherapy practice where she has treated adolescents and adults with various clinical needs including, adjustment and coping, anxiety, body-focused repetitive behavior disorders, depression, grief and loss, stress, and trauma. Tonya is skilled in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindful meditation. She has a trademarked company, Alege, which focuses on positive affirmation products and the importance of positive self-talk.