Endless Times: Volume One: The Path of Kokopelli     2021

Endless Times: Volume One: The Path of Kokopelli 2021

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Jack and Jim, two footloose, lifetime friends and beer drinking buddies, are out back-roading when they spot the cabin.
Aha, it’s treasure, treasure indeed, and much more.

As Jack runs out with some little gold figures, deputies start shooting. They have discovered a way to travel the time road disguised as a dilapidated shack. The only problem is those deputies. A “start no violence” command is broken; now, travelers must dodge lawmen. Jack throws the gold back in; time returns to normal. Some old letters reveal the secret: twenty-four figurines, twenty-four destinations; just dodge the law.


˃˃˃ After learning to be traders as directed, a year later, they grab Kokopelli and jump into 1822 New Mexico, landing in the middle of some Jicarilla Apache.

Kokopelli, the Indian god of fertility and good fortune, keeps them alive. William Becknell, the first American trader allowed in New Mexico, thinks they’re crazy; the hidalgos love their trade goods, and Indians respect them. Violent Spanish culture, savage Apache, and untamed 1822 New Mexico make them far richer than expected, two treasures return home.

Jim finds out he’s a dad, Jack becomes a foreman, life is good, but change comes. Ranch owners die after making Jim’s son a beneficiary, and natural heirs force a sale, questioning the will. A killing makes the ranch’s fate uncertain. What exactly have they become, and does that evolution help today?