Endless Times: Volume Two: Murphys Diggins by Walter Stephen Geeding         2022

Endless Times: Volume Two: Murphys Diggins by Walter Stephen Geeding 2022

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Sam Brannan shot me in the head from a range of two feet. They say you see your life flash by before dying; that’s bull. I heard Jim yell, saw his feet begin to move, and then a mountain dropped on my head.

Jack and Jim, the same two who discovered a time machine, traveled the time road, and returned with a fortune, are at it again. Jim’s married, Jack a foreman, and both vow never to travel time again; it is deadly, but Wind Travelers decree differently. Thieving heirs force the two to spend their treasure to save the Wyoming ranch, but the heirs make off with all the money and the yearling herd. Since Jim is married, Jack decides to go alone to recoup ranch fortunes, but a killing adds Jim to the mix, and they Jump! Into the 1848 California Gold Rush.

Now they travel to save the ranch no matter what the cost. They will do anything to save their home and Jim’s sons’ inheritance, but will they? Millionaire Philanthropist Thomas Connor, California millionaire miners/traders, the Murphy boys, and California’s first millionaire renegade Morman Sam Brannan make the definition of “anything” hazy. Two helpless Miwok Indian boys in a white world and voices from the graves of Donner’s Pass only add to tales of greed and violence.
The gold is there, sky’s the limit, stakes are impossibly high with the ranch on the line. The question is, does life among hard men in a lawless land define how far they’ve come, or will greed take them further?