Exhale With Intent   Paperback   Autographed by  Brett Cimino  2013

Exhale With Intent Paperback Autographed by Brett Cimino 2013

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When young police detective Elliot Frantallo stumbles upon a gruesome murder on the South Side of Providence with his partner Sean Kelley, his life changes immediately. The twisted investigation has Elliot working overtime and growing eyes in the back of his head. There are few clues for the detectives, but Elliot’s deep military roots and sharp intuition have him using his combat skills to chase down a brilliant Vietnam sniper.
When Elliot gets a call that his fiancé has been shot, he throws away the rule book. As he digs deeper, he finds more clues and more people involved directly and indirectly in not only the first murders, but more to come. His strong visual connection to details and his inner voice start telling him that maybe some of the people he’s closest to could be connected to the talented and dangerous vigilante who is taking apart drug lord Eddie Gomez’s crew, piece by piece.
Between the nonstop everyday craziness on the streets, and the dreams, emotional flashbacks, years of sadness, passion, love, and loyalty, there is never a dull moment for hero or villain in the small but vibrant city of Providence.