Fifteen Miles    by   Paul Mainville   Autographed  2019

Fifteen Miles by Paul Mainville Autographed 2019

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Paul Mainville believed at an early age that there was something missing in his life. His loving parents had never kept his adoption a secret, but it was when his neighborhood friends started peppering him with questions about his “real” parents that he began to question who he really was.Through the years, these questions would haunt him and lead to a lifetime of insecurity and low self-esteem—causing not only substance abuse and several failed relationships, but also profound moments of introspection, faith, and self-discovery. Told with honesty and humility and filled with heart-warming and humorous anecdotes from his life, Fifteen Miles, follows a man’s lifelong quest to find his birth mother, only to discover something at the end of that journey that was not what he expected.Fifteen Miles was written to help adopted and foster children everywhere, as well as for those who have struggled to find their own identity.