Force of Nature softcover  Advance Reading Copy Gisele Huff    2022

Force of Nature softcover Advance Reading Copy Gisele Huff 2022

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A moving account of resilience, hope, and purpose—punctuated by unforgettable lessons from an extraordinary life.

After escaping war-torn France, where eighteen members of her family were murdered in the Holocaust, Gisèle Huff arrived in the US with her mother. It was 1947, and they had $400 to their name. Gisèle quickly found her footing in America, eventually earning a PhD at Columbia University, running for Congress, and launching a spectacular career in K–12 education. Her determination to revolutionize the school system changed the lives of countless children.

But Gisèle’s successful, happy life was interrupted by devastating loss, which eventually led her to champion universal basic income through a movement that advocates for economic security for all.

Telling a story of setbacks and triumphs, grief and joy, the chapters of Gisèle’s life speak to her strength, to her commitment to deep and lasting friendships, and to her determination to challenge and engage with the great minds of politics and education. Force of Nature is an inspiring account of a woman undaunted by formidable odds.