Forever, Joanne a memoir in paperback by Linda L. Skibski    2021

Forever, Joanne a memoir in paperback by Linda L. Skibski 2021

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Forever, Joanne is a memoir about the author’s wife, their journey of love, her death from ovarian cancer, and the miraculous spirit connections that followed. With honesty, humor and hope, they shared twenty-one years of great love and faith that guided them through the ups and downs of life. A chance meeting, a powerful bond, a faith in God, and a dance with cancer molded their spirits beyond any expectation. From laughter to grief to light, their story has been an inspiration to many and, hopefully, will be to others who may find that death is not the end.

“In a compelling and lyrical voice, Linda shares her journey with Joanne as a couple along with the physical and spiritual challenges of her cancer diagnosis, treatment and passing. It is a moving and inspiring journey that we are allowed to experience along with them. Joanne’s inspirational challenge is to be our ‘best selves’ with integrity and dedication. Like a conversation of the heart, Joanne’s clear voice speaks through Linda’s description just as her voice frequently resonates in the spiritual ears of all who love them both. Their story is a must-read!” —Steven Pennell, URI College of Education and Professional Studies

“This wonderful, tender account spins the tale of two travelers, firmly rooted on their own spiritual paths, whose journey leads to the intersection of a new and remarkable life. Full of soulful discovery and honesty, this story, told with warmth, grace and candor, reveals the many ways that love and courage triumph.” —Marguerite McLaughlin, Healthcentric Advisors