Ground Devil    by  Richard Rezendes    2019

Ground Devil by Richard Rezendes 2019

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Richard Rezendes wrote a book on a laser printer about thirty-five years ago, and he worked on this book for more than a year. He typed in on an old Apple desktop computer then on a laser printer. His biggest dream is that one day, he would like to publish a book. He got the idea on a magazine about a story about an asteroid that struck in Connecticut and fragments were found. The story led to earthquakes in Moodus, Connecticut. That may have been caused by water flowing through limestone, and Native Indians believed it was the devil! He thought of writing a book about it and named it Ground of the Devil. This story is about a comet that hit Moodus, Connecticut, and a creature living underground for several months before it went on its attack, and it killed people and animals, and it had magical powers. The creature looked like a huge porcupine with pricks all over it! By the way, this creature is a female with large breasts. It sprays fire like a dragon. It has a large tail and a powerful stinger. It has lobsterlike claws like a scorpion and feet like an elephant.

Richard Rezendes worked at Brown University and the east Greenwich school department before retiring at age sixty-two. He will be sixty-five years old on Monday, August twentieth. He likes sports, football, basketball, and baseball, in that order. He is a bowler tenpins and currently holds a 220 average. He is five feet, eight inches, 166 pounds, and he is pretty healthy.