Havana's Secret      by  Guntis Goncarovs     2012

Havana's Secret by Guntis Goncarovs 2012

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1897. The world had changed. Spain’s iron-fisted Prime Minister was assassinated, creating a power vacuum in Europe. The United States Navy under the guidance of a brash Navy Secretary, Theodore Roosevelt, was flexing his military muscle, and desperately wanted Spain out of Cuba.

Sam Carter, the son of a Confederate submariner who never returned from the sea, thought he understood the rules working for the fledgling Secret Service branch of the U.S. Treasury. When he was assigned to Havana as a foreign agent, Havana's Consul General Fitzhugh Lee coached him that in the spy business, there was only one rule — don’t get caught. Carter quickly realized he would see a different Havana than he once knew after the Spanish Prime Minister’s assassination. As he connected seemingly unrelated clues from his past and the present, he uncovered a German plot to exploit the inevitable American intervention in Cuba.

As a power hungry Navy Secretary Theodore Roosevelt, drives toward a tidy little war in Cuba, Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm choreographs a diversion he is convinced will leave American ports vulnerable to his navy’s incursion. When President McKinley’s administration is shaken to its core by the explosion of the USS Maine in Havana harbor, Carter’s investigation into the explosion reveals evidence contrary to the Naval experts’, and realizes the administration needs to recognize there could be unforeseen consequences when revenge on Spain is exacted.