Journey to the Catskills softcover a novel by Dan Pinckney       2012

Journey to the Catskills softcover a novel by Dan Pinckney 2012

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In Mexico City a biologically engineered strain of the Ebola virus has been released by terrorists and quickly begins to spread, claiming innocent lives worldwide. As the United States attempts to deal with the consequences, a second attack is launched. Nuclear bombs are launched, exploding in Baghdad, Moscow, and Washington, DC.
The death toll rises exponentially. National infrastructures fail, and governments collapse. In the ensuing chaos, those who survive are forced to live their lives in a world without rules.

When information about the location of a cure of the virus is released by the CDC, a mass migration of millions of fearful and infected survivors begins. A small group of survivors led by a unit of the Massachusetts Army National Guard are the fi rst to arrive at the research facility, where they immediately find themselves charged with distributing the cure. But those driven by good intentions are not the only ones who come in search of the cure; a confrontation seems imminent.

Only time will tell what kind of world the survivors of the disaster will manage to create together.