Mama Bear's Magic  Hard Cover   by Dana  Gambardella   2020

Mama Bear's Magic Hard Cover by Dana Gambardella 2020

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Delight in Mama Bear's Magic as Tiny Bear realizes that bath time can actually be “beary” fun! This humorous, truth-telling look at bath time illustrates how Tiny Bear overcomes his apprehension for the bath because of Brother Bear’s modeling and Mama Bear’s clever approach. It’s like magic!

Mama Bear embraces Tiny Bear’s process as he discovers that bathing is an enjoyable, healthy practice. The bright illustrations capture the heart of the story and its readers.

Relatable to parents and children
Humor engages young readers and entices them to read more
Encourages the importance of independent self-care and hygiene
Highlights the bond between mother and child
Showcases older siblings as role models
Appropriate mentor text to support health education delivered by nurses and educators
The perfect gift for mothers-to-be and/or adding to a child’s bookshelf