My Liturgy of Easy Walks  paperback  by Marjorie Turner Hollman  2022

My Liturgy of Easy Walks paperback by Marjorie Turner Hollman 2022

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“Liturgy” can mean a written order of worship, and can also describe "a way of meeting God." Here, liturgy takes on the widest interpretation of finding God. Learn how a ball, a bell, and a bicycle offer a path toward healing. Easy Walks, a phrase the author has become known for, has brought the author physical healing, spiritual refreshment, and joy.

My Liturgy of Easy Walks is a memoir of learning to thrive in the face of life-changing events. Writing has helped the author make peace with her experiences. The Easy Walks book series shares information about how to get outdoors safely. This latest book in the Easy Walks collection inspires hope for those facing lives altered by illness or injury.

Learn how a simple childhood game becomes a portal for spiritual awakening. A walk in the woods brings moments of insight. Encounters with strangers foster understanding and joy.

Emotional, physical and spiritual struggles are all part of living with chronic illness, out of the mainstream. Adjusting to changed life circumstances can be difficult, isolating, and lonely. The author shares her own challenges, ponderings, and triumphs, discovering unexpected healing along the way.