Planet Saviors  softcover  by Raymond Hunter                  2022

Planet Saviors softcover by Raymond Hunter 2022

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Why doesn’t Stella fit in? Why can’t she just get along? It’s not like she has it so bad. Born into a paradise. Healthy, beautiful, lacking nothing. What gives?

Is she an ingrate? No, quite the opposite. She believes her society is sick, sliding off a cliff into extinction, unaware, and wants to save her planet.

Stella can explain her convictions better later. What is important to know up front is that her plan involves Earth. She admires human ingenuity and imagination a lot, and for this considers human involvement key to her rescue plan.

Stella visits Earth and finds it easy to make friends, especially college-age male friends, possibly owing to the fact that she is drop-dead gorgeous. She falls in love with a charismatic John “the great one” with a monumental ego and is considered by many to be Capitalism’s greatest nightmare.

This is the context of a wild and satiric tale that the author hopes will transport you back to your twenties, if only briefly. Enjoy the ride.