Shoreline:   ARIA  Anthology   2016

Shoreline: ARIA Anthology 2016

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Shoreline is an anthology of selected short fiction, non-fiction, poetry & prose from The Association of Rhode Island Deborah L. Halliday (Author), Guy J. Natelli (Contributor), Nancy Roy (Contributor), Tom Trabulsi (Contributor), Tina Egnoski (Contributor), Peter Mandel (Contributor), Kelly Kittel (Contributor), Kathy Clark (Contributor), Jessica M. Collette (Contributor), Michael Hartigan (Contributor), Susan Shepard (Contributor), K. Eric Crook (Contributor), Dennis J. Kafalas (Contributor), Debbie Kaiman Tillinghast (Contributor), Norman Desmarais (Contributor), Steven R. Porter (Contributor), Barbara Ann Whitman (Contributor), Ana Arelys Cruz Cabrera (Contributor), Alex Kimmell (Contributor), Yvette Nachmias-Baeu (Contributor)