Super Powers soft cover autographed    by Noeolle  Hipke    2023

Super Powers soft cover autographed by Noeolle Hipke 2023

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Learn how to activate your superpowers!  

The world is shifting from a materialistic one to an energetic new earth. Now is the time to switch on your superpowers and follow your soul mission! In Superpowers, join Noelle Hipke on a journey of self-discovery and soul healing as she explains the invisible details and teaches you how to control your frequency, tap into unseen abilities and your higher self, and discover your unique blueprint using new concepts and cutting-edge, futuristic nontraditional methods.

Noelle highlights previously ignored aspects of human evolution while identifying luminary visionaries who are working together as a conscious collective to awaken and heal humanity. Journal prompts at the end of each chapter will guide you in creating your very own adventure book about yourself. Pick up your book today to activate your Autographed and live radio interview at

superpowers to reach ascension into another dimension!

Transformational Portals:

·      Activate your DNA and align yourself with your SUPERPOWERS

·      Evolve into the highest version of yourself to achieve ASCENSION

·      Lift your vibration with non-traditional FUTURISTIC methods

·      Tap into other dimensions through EXPANSION

·      See and feel the invisible to be a VISIONARY

·      Master the artistry of chartering your own DESTINY

·      Heal the soul and family timeline to generate more ENERGY

·      Self-healing revelations transforming MINDSET

·      Create your own high vibrational intelligent signal and FREQUENCY

·      Journal your way through an adventure of a LIFETIME.

Superpowers illuminates a "WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT" guiding ALL GENERATIONS (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers) teens, college students, families, schools, coaches, counselors, therapists, and individuals how to tap into your higher self with mentors and healers who are revealing themselves to make a difference.