The Angel Heart   Paperback   by Wendy Nadherny Fachon   2014

The Angel Heart Paperback by Wendy Nadherny Fachon 2014

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Why would God design a heart-shaped flower that cries? A curious child picks such a flower and carefully pulls it apart, one poetic petal at a time, to reveal the secret wisdom of God's healing magic and free prescriptions for heart, mind, and soul. The enchanting flower featured in this story teaches children how to lead their thoughts toward a healthier emotional place. The flower also shares God's surprisingly simple lessons for physical well-being-breathing well, moving well, eating well, and resting well. Children will gain a deeper appreciation for the miracle of the heart and its role in giving them strength, joy, love, and peace. In addition, this book seeks to spark curiosity and conversation, which are two critical keys to learning. Having found God to be a most curious topic, I wrote with the intention of inspiring children to ask questions and converse more freely about God, nature, creation, life, feelings, beliefs, world peace, or even fairy magic-whatever thoughts surface naturally for them.