The Leader You Don't Want To Be  Paperback by Mary T. O'Sullivan      2021

The Leader You Don't Want To Be Paperback by Mary T. O'Sullivan 2021

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This book is a daring callout to today’s business leadership.

Mary O’Sullivan is throwing down the gauntlet by saying it’s beyond time for today’s leaders to throw out the “Chieftain commands all” mentality and embrace 21st century thinking. When this happens, leadership can create great companies with great cultures that hire and guide great employees — who then create great results.

Everyone has had an experience with a “bad boss” or an incompetent manager. Everyone knows someone who embodies the “bad boss” mode of leadership … and Mary O’Sullivan is pointing her finger at those bad bosses. She’s saying flat out, it’s time to change before it’s too late.

She’s tasking leaders to embrace change and transform their leadership into one that is respected, sought-after, and highly effective. “Throw off the tyrannical approach to leadership and open your heart and mind to becoming a change agent. Transform yourself into the leader you’ve always wanted to be. Your employees AND your bottom line will thank you.”

This book provides clear, actionable advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of leadership rooted in old-school thinking.

In The Leader You Don’t Want To Be, Mary points out that, “Most often, people don’t know what to do about toxic bosses. The situation causes stress, anxiety, and negatively impacts productivity and engagement. And worst of all, many of these leaders are unaware that they are the problem.”