The Path   365 hardcover  new   by Susie Newell, DNP     2021

The Path 365 hardcover new by Susie Newell, DNP 2021

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Are you looking for effective tactics to alleviate anxiety and get your life back on track? This book will help you achieve this goal by choosing the path that works best for you on a daily basis.The Path 365 demystifies the concepts of mind, body and spirit, allowing you to create a Path that is uniquely your own. It is a comprehensive guide to life that will empower you to become your best self by giving you daily direction. Whether you're tired, emotional, confused or in one of the hundred other states of mental distress, the down to earth coping strategies presented in this book will enable you to live in balance and reduce your negative responses to stress. Most importantly, you learn how to create activities and mindsets that build the feel good hormones in your body. Designed to be your daily companion, the book is divided into 28 sections that include 365 directions and messages. The intention in each message, written as a question, will support you in creating your own intention, or focus, for the day. This can be completely individualized to you, exactly where you are right now. Well-researched and heartwarming, the book will show you how to choose compassion over resentment, willingness over avoidance, and self-love over anything so you can access happiness and endless possibilities. The advice comes from a gal who has experienced, studied and totally gets anxiety. Suzie Newell eases pain, from the physical pain of labor to the mental strife of substance use disorder through peer support. She has witnessed how mental health issues and substance use disorder were tearing apart communities. After the tragic loss of her own sister to an overdose, she was compelled to help more. She returned to university to pursue a doctorate focused on coping mechanisms for women. This book is the culmination of her work and personal experience shared for anyone who needs a daily boost.