Tide Roaring In   Poetry   Paperback   by Adele MacVeagh Bourne   2016

Tide Roaring In Poetry Paperback by Adele MacVeagh Bourne 2016

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Tide Roaring In is a moving work of conscience and connection, coolly reminding us of the humanity we aspire to and the fragile animals we are. In poems of protection and exposure, reasonable fears and unreasonable events, Bourne is clear-eyed but never jaded as she unravels the past into the present, sorting loves and losses like buttons. Amid dreamy landscapes of the northeast and suppers on the porch, the poet wonders “how to rearrange all that had not gone well” and reflects on the grace that anchors us even in the most difficult moments—perhaps especially the difficult ones. Like the tree offering sweet rest to a passing eagle in the opening poem, Bourne’s vivid second collection has both roots and wings.
—Paula Champa, Author of The Afterlife of Emerson Tang

Adele Bourne’s poems capture moments from humorous to painful and from worldly-wise to world-weary. She shows us that whatever the situation, it is part of the fabric of all of our lives. Bourne is a daughter, a friend, a lover, a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a citizen of the Earth. Each role has its place on its own, and in collaboration with the others. Bourne’s manifold poetic talents reveal themselves in her ability to spin her artistic web broadly and personally, as well as to touch her readers with petit point precision.
—Carolyn Davis, MSLIS, Author of How to Write Persuasively Today

Admirable throughout, filled with passion and intelligence, these poems are an urgent exploration of the places where grief resides. Tide Roaring In serves as a compelling testament to the extraordinary, unflinching gaze of this poet as she luminously interweaves personal mythologies of loss and rebirth with that of the natural world. Superbly crafted, these lyrical poems are lit by the experience of discovery and delight. With masterful imagery and alluring wit, Bourne casts an eye into the ineffable as she juxtaposes the ordinary with the tragic. Chiaroscuro of loss, longing, and the light of possibilities, Bourne’s keen vision bursts from the page: “All this hunger, all this breathing / shape us as we dream. Silently, / we find each other in the dark.”