Vagabond Skyline  Paperback a novel by T.L. Rotkiewicz    2020

Vagabond Skyline Paperback a novel by T.L. Rotkiewicz 2020

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In 1984, New York City continues to return to normalcy after a long struggle of near-bankruptcy, racial tension, and rampant crime. The art world is once more flourishing. Dance clubs proliferate in some of the abandoned buildings. Businesses pop up, utilizing progressive technology. It is a city full of lost souls and wild hearts, yearning to break free.

Philip Reinhardt knows what it's like to perform in front of thousands of adoring fans. He also suffers from feelings of extreme loneliness. Being different provides challenges filled with dishonesty, fame-seekers, and an insidious disease that could endanger his life. As Philip attempts to balance his personal and professional side, more often with disastrous results, he is forced to continue his search for what is real.

It is not until one night, when Philip meets Connie Ayers, a computer-operator who puts in way too much overtime, that changes his world. As the two begin a friendship, Connie learns the secrets that Philip possesses, and slowly opens herself up to compassion, trust, and loyalty.

Can Philip find the inner peace he so craves? Can Connie help him come to terms with it?