Winning Big in Sales    Rebecca Jenkins    2019

Winning Big in Sales Rebecca Jenkins 2019

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Today, in a business to business environment it isn’t sufficient to rely on products and services to sell themselves or expect sales teams to do it without the skills needed to gain c suite executive engagement. Combined with uncertain times and a tough economy a new approach is needed.Sales and account management teams have to know the target company as well if not better than the targets know themselves. Only then can they truly open up significant sales opportunities that lead to collaboration and profitable wins.There are plenty of books about sales on the market, but not many about how to grow and retain the accounts once you've won them. This is a key aspect of the book and makes it different from others out there. Not only that it is important when many companies are prioritising resources that the sales teams focus on what are going to be the best fit clients for the business. The book provides a process to avoid time being wasted on targeting the wrong companies and sectors. This helps busy sales executives to focus on accounts where they have a higher capability to convert them. The steps in the book are less than in the traditional sales cycle and discovery meetings are ditched as they waste the prospects time, instead value exchange meetings move the sales opportunity forward with more traction.This book takes the reader step by step on implementing what is learnt using a proven methodology to transform sales results and win big. It is not aimed at sales newbies.In part this book includes having a success mindset to achieve exceptional results so both a blend of practical knowledge and mindset to transform sales results.